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Hole # 1

Short par 4 opening hole. A nice drive of 200 yards will leave you short of the bunkers on the left and a good yardage into the green.

Hole # 2

Don't let the yardage fool you. This short little dogleg par-4 can reach out and get you. A drive straight away of 170 to 180 yards will leave you a short wedge to a well bunkered green.

Hole # 3

Straightaway par-4 looks easy off the tee, but be careful with the approach shot. This small bunker guarding this small green can make you pay.

Hole # 4

This hole will test all golfers shot making ability. Although a right to left shot is ideal for the sharp dogleg left, something about 190 to 200 yards left of center will do just fine, leaving another 180 to 190 yard shot to the green. Don't let elevation fool you, it plays the true yardage.

Hole # 5

Short little par–3 with a false front, just don't go long or you're sure to make a bogey or more.

Hole # 6

This is arguably the hardest hole on the front 9. Its length teamed up with this guarded multi-tiered green call for two demanding shots. Hitting the fairway is a must, but the right club on the 2nd shot is very important. Just aim at the center of the green, take your 2 putts and move on.

Hole # 7

A good uphill par–3, taking an extra club doesn't hurt you here with everything sloping towards you to the left.

Hole # 8

Longest hole on the front 9 calls for 2 big shots to very sloped green. Give it all you have in the bag but keep the ball below the hole. Anything above the hole will test all players' putting ability.

Hole # 9

Slight uphill dogleg left par–4 calls for a tee shot down the right center. Anything left will be grabbed by “Willie.” Willie is the big tall fir tree that guards the corner of the dogleg. Be sure to add an extra club on the approach, but again stay below the hole, anything long and you will head to the backside angry.

Hole # 10

Don't let the yardage trick you on this par 5. A tee shot down the right side will give the long hitters a go at the green if they dare, but be careful of the creek in front of the green. For the shorter hitters a layup at the top of the hill yields a great look down to the green.

Hole # 11

This long straightaway hole isn't easy. Try to favor the left side to carry the water running through the fairway. Anything fading right will end up wet. Make sure to add an extra club on the approach shot. It is more uphill than it looks.

Hole # 12

Nice little par 3, plays slightly downhill. Any approach on the left side of the green will slip away towards the water so be careful.

Hole # 13

The longest hole on the golf course, so give it all you've got! This par 5 isn't only long, the green is the actual threat. The fairway is a must off the tee, with the right and left side guarded by trees and water that comes into the edge of the fairway. The 2nd shot played up the left side of the fairway will give you a good look at the severely sloping green. The green slopes hard left to right. Just get it on, 2 putt, and move on. Par will feel like Birdie!

Hole # 14

Difficult uphill par 3. Make sure to hit an extra club. Short won't hurt you, but anything long will make for a difficult up-and-down.

Hole # 15

Nice par 4 dogleg left. Although a nice right to left shot is ideal something down the right center is just fine. You get too greedy, and the trees on the left will jump out and get you. Your approach is a blind shot. Just be sure to stay below the hole.

Hole # 16

This medium par 4 is everything but easy. A tee shot in the fairway is nice, but the 2nd shot is where the hole leaves you scratching your head. Like 13, this green can leave the best putters frustrated. The green slopes away on all sides so choose your side wisely to leave you something uphill for the 3rd.

Hole # 17

The signature hole at Orchard Hills. This beautiful par 3 is one of prettiest holes in Washington state, but very difficult. As you see, not much room for error. Take an extra club to clear all the water. Par here feels better than most.

Hole # 18

A great finishing hole. This short par 5 gives most people a chance to finish up on a good note. A tee shot favoring the right side leaves you a good look at the narrow layup spot through the shoot of trees guarding the narrow fairway, leaving you a short iron to the 2 tiered green. If you see the pin in front, be below the hole.