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Guest Information Future Members

Guest Information

Guests, aka future members, are welcome at Orchard Hills when invited and accompanied by a Member. We ask guests follow these simple guidelines.

Dress Code – Whether coming to play golf or to spend time in the clubhouse, the dress code applies to all areas.

  • Gentlemen –
    • Collared shirts always
    • Jeans are ok if they are in good in repair and without holes
    • Shorts must be of a tailored or walking style
    • Items not allowed include athletic attire – basketball shorts, sweatpants for example – T-shirts, tank tops and cutoffs.
  • Ladies –
    • Any top with at least a 2” wide strap
    • Shorts of tailored walking style
    • Items not allowed include bare midriff, halter or strapless tops, swimsuits and athletic sweats, cut offs and exercise clothing
  • Exceptions are made for specific events at the club. Please check with the club before arriving.

Anyone not complying with the dress code should expect to be asked to come in compliance with the dress code. Failure to do so may result in the violating person being asked to leave the club.

Small Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms are available to change clothes.

Guests for golf purposes fall into two categories: Local and everyone else. Local guests, those residing within 50 miles of the club may play once per month. No round limit exists for guests residing more than 50 miles from the club.

Members are allowed to bring three guests to play golf every day and time except weekend and holiday mornings when a member may only bring one guest. Members must play in the same group with their guests.

We are confident that you will enjoy your time at Orchard Hills.